Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ready to be a Warrior!!??

A couple weeks ago, I got it into my head that I too wanted to be a warrior  :)    You know, prove a point to people and myself, and say hey just because I don't have a thyroid doesn't mean I can't be a warrior!!!  So what did I do I signed up for the Warrior Dash!!!     The Warrior Dash is a run/obstacle course and at the end you get to claim that you are a Warrior!   You have to crawl through mud, jump over stuff, clumb stuff, and whatever else they decide to throw at you.   I unfortunatly, haven't had much time to train, and even bootcamp has been on the backburner thanks to a super busy work schedule, but I am looking forward to the experience either way.      When I signed up, a couple weeks ago I thought to myself  I am not going to do this for a time, I am going to do this for fun, for me and to prove that I am a warrior!    The race is next weekend and I do feel slighly nervous since I haven't been able to train like I would have liked.  This week, I am going to try and get some work-outs in starting with a bike ride today, bootcamp tomorrow, bootcamp wednesday, and hopefully some light walking or running on Tuesday or Thursday.     I am going to try and stick to the plan as much as a I can, but unfortunatly this week is going to be stressfull to infinity and beyond.  Somewhere between all this I also decided to try a new brand of medication, I was noticing that the Synthroid was giving me some really bad headaches, one day I tried the other brand that doctor gave me and no headache so  I just kept with it.    My energy has been a little low on some days, but I have also be under a ridicoulus amount of stress so it's hard for me to say where my lack of energy is coming from.     So wish me luck in my becoming a Warrior Adventure!!!  I can't wait to update my blog with some pictures!!!     In case you are curious about the Warrior Dash here is the link:

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