Wednesday, February 22, 2012

40 days and no fast food!!

Since having my thyroid removed, I have tried to become better about the things I am eating and putting on body, unfortunatly work, and life just get me sidetracked and then I feel guilty, and then I just keep on going into bad habits.    This year, I have to admit that I have taken the lazy track when it comes to bringing my lunch to work.    I think part of the problem is that I am typically shoved into a small little office or closet type space with no windows, so lunch-time is my time to go outside and get some fresh air!!!    Unfortunatly, this has caused me to resort to eating tons of fast food!!  In my mission to get fresh air, I don't pack my lunch and I run somewhere quick so I can see something other then four walls, but eating all this fast food has done nothing but make me gain weight, put bad things into my body, and make me spend more and more money.    
 Typically during lent, I try to do something good vs giving up something.    This year I decided I needed to do something good and give up something.   I decided to give up fast food!!!    Believe me, while this may not some like a sacrafice to a lot of people it is for me, because now I will have to take the time to pack a lunch. and a breakfast, and find another way to get outside during the work day so I don't feel like I am in a cave.   I decided that I can go to a sit down resteraunt and eat, but that I would do my best to find something healthy on the menu, however I am not allowed to go to fast food chains.        Fast food has become my life savor this past months, but in the end it is harming my health and my wallet!!!       This is going to be a challenge for me, but I think it will be a good challenge for me!!!       So here I go on my no fast food adventure!!!!    I am happy about my adventure to try to stop the fast food madness and in the process I hope the end result is a happier healthier me!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hot Chocolate Run !!!


I wanted to get to this earlier in the week but I added some random adventures during the week that were unexpected, so I had something to do every night last week!        On Monday I took a italian cooking class,  on wednesday I took a golf class, and then I had some other random things that popped like running errands and stuff.    So, finally today I decided to update my Hot Chocolate Running Adventure!!!       

Last weekend was the Hot Chocolate 5k and 15k.  I signed up for the 5k because well I am just trying to get myself back into this running thing.   The Hot Chocolate run, is a run where they provide you with Chocolate goodness, after you run!!!   I am actually not a huge chocoalte person, but I thought this sounded like a fun race.       Of course, since it has been so weird here in Texas with the weather I wasn't sure how appealing hot chocoalte would be after a run.     Well, much to my surprise it was 31 degrees in Dallas, but the winshield made it feel like it was 19 degrees on that saturday.  I actually debated about not running, but my dad who drove me fron San Antonio to Dallas, said "I didn't drive you all the over here for you to chicken out."  So,  I layered on some running clothes and off we went.  Once we got there and I started my run, my body started to warm up and I was absolutley motivated to finish the 5k as fast as I could so that I could have my nice hot Ghirardelli chocolate!!!     Believe me when I say, I don't know how they made the hot chocolate but it was the best I have ever had!!!
Here are some pictures of the event!

  Prior to the race day, they had a packet pick-up/ expo.  The goodie bag came with a cute little jacket that said will run for chocolate, and because I registered with a coupon code I got a hat that said will run for chocolate.  Of course at the expo that also had some Ghirardelli chocolate bars, and some hot chocolate that was so good it was addicting!!

This was the start of the race, it was so cold but obviously people were determined to complete their run and get their chocolate rewards at the end.  Since we aren't used to being so cold her in Texas, the medical doctor that was helping with the race recommended that if you had signed up for the 15k and had a pace of 12 min/mile or slower that you may want to run the 5k because of risk of long term exposure to the cold!!!!!!!    To some it sounds silly, but to those of use who are not used to cold temperatures it's not sillly at all.   

Oh Sweet!!!  It was so cold
they decided to hold the
after party in the exhibit hall.    This is what we got to dip
the Chocolate Fondue in!!!  It was such a treat!!!!

The fondue was so good, and the stuff they gave us to dip just made it even better and worth the cold.  Of course they did give us some yummy hot chocoalte to drink as well!!!

 If you look closely at the picture you can see the fondue fountain!!!   I would defiinitely do this race again!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Color Run.. or maybe i should say Color Mudder

Yesterday I participated in a run called the Color Run.   It is basically a 5k, where at each mile they are supposed to throw some kind of color on you so that by the end you look very colorful.      Well,  I was excited about the run and looking forward to doing somthing adventerous.. well I sure did do something adventuerous more adventerous then I had planned for.    Texas weather is so random so of course it decided to rain very hard on Friday night, the event planners sent us an email saying that the run would take place unless there was a flash flood warning.  They warned people that there would be some muddy spots and for those who had planned to take strollers, not to take them.    Austin is a crazy town, so people showed up anyway and man was I in for a suprise.    The run started late because parking was horrible, and by the time I got to run they ran out of color for during the race but they had a crazy color party aftewards.   Actually I was told they didn't run out of color, but that with all the mud they where not able to take more color back and forth to the volunteers as had been planed.  So here are some pictures of what took place!!! 

 This is me before the color run!! The requirement was to wear a white shirt so that the color would show !  

Because Austin is crazy people still showed up Rain or Shine.  They ended up starting us in waves this was the line to start!! 

 The whole course was a muddy mess.  Some of it was like a muddy river and some it was sticky enough to where people got their shoes stuck and lost in the mud!

 Mud, Mud and and more Mud!  Yes those are my shoes!

At the end of the race I was a beautiful color muddy mess!!  I was upset at first at all the mud, but then I realized how much fun I actually had, and the workout of trying to navigate through the mud actually made my workout more intense then I had planned.  So overall despite the craziness it was fun.   

Here is me at the end!!! 
Here is me trying to figure out what in the world I was going to do with my muddy stuff!

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