Thyroid Info

What is a Thyroid:

What does a Thyroid DO?
It's a little gland that controls a lot (ex: metabolism, energy, heart function, nerve function)

Here is a link on Hashimotos.   After being diagnosed I was surprised at how many people had this disease.   The more people I told, the more people I found that suffered from Hashimotos.

Here is a link on Synthroid.  Synthroid is a synthetic hormone that is given to people who have hypothyroidism (including: people with no thyroids, people with hashimotos, and people with just plain old hypothryroidism)

There are other medications that can be used to treat thyroid disorders including but not limited to:
1)Levothyroxine (which is the generic form of synthroid and levoxyl)

There are many types of thyroid disorders:
3)Autoimmune thyroid disorders (Graves and Hashimotos)
4)Thyroid Cancer
5)Thyroid Nodules

Athletes with thyroid problems ( I will add to these last as I find out more)
1)Gail Devers runner and olympic medalist (Graves Disease)
2)Carl Lewis runner and olympic medalist (hypothyroidism)
3)Muhammad Ali boxer (not sure what he suffered from)
4)Nick Cody football player for University of Oregon, Oregon Ducks (thyroid cancer)


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