Traveling & the Magic Chanclas

One of my favorite things to do is Travel, even if it just a short trip out of the city. This summer was a little interesting for me in terms of travel.I was worried about Traveling without my Thyroid. Now you may be wondering why I would be worried about something like that, well because of a major time zone change I wasn't sure how to take my medication and still be functioning in a "normal" manner.

Well luckily earlier in the year I participated as a team member in an ACTS retreat. Thanks to a series of April fools jokes I had a replacement for my Thyroid!!! Who needs a Thyroid when you can have a Sisterhood of Traveling Magic Yellow Chanclas!!!!! Why are these Chanclas (flip-flops) so magical, well because the remind me of all the wonderful women I met on this retreat, and all the strength that they give me.

This Summer I traveled to Spain and of course the so did the Magic Yellow Chanclas!

This was taken in Granda Spain.
This was taken in Seville Spain

Here are some tips about Traveling without a Thyroid (I am not a profesional but this worked for me:
1) Make sure you take extra medication with you
2) When traveling to a different time zone I found it easier to take my medication first thing in the morning as I do here in the US. At first I was going to figure out what the time difference was and take it in Europe at what would be the time I take it here. However, that would mean taking Synthroid at 3:00 pm Europe time which would have been 8:00 am here in Texas. That becomes a problems because with Synthroid you have to wait an hour after take your medication before you can eat, and you have to make sure that you don't vitamins,walnuts, and soy, and calicum within 4 hours of taking the medication. So I just went on European time and took it during their morning time. This worked for me just fine. Then when I came back to the U.S. I just got back on my regular schedule.
3) If the time zone change isn't much of a difference then when you normally take your medication I say just take it first thing when you wake up. I have found that to work for me.
4)Make sure you know by heart the brand of medication you are taking and the dosage in case you forget your medication or you run out.

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