Sunday, May 19, 2013


I have been doing my own little recipe and information search on Kale.  For those of you who aren't familiar with Kale, it is a vegetable that comes from the cabbage family.    It is said to be very nutrient rich, and have very good health benefits. 

I have also read that is has more protein then beef.    If you have ever tasted Kale by itself, it has kind of a bitter taste, however  I have come to enjoy putting it in my smoothies in the mornings.  This summer I really want to spend time, increasing my fruit and vegetable intake, as well as cutting out more gluten!!     It will be tough, but it never hurts to challenge yourself.    Not to mention, it gets so hot here in Texas, eating a big heavy meals isn't always pleasant.     Interestingly I came across this recipe, and I can't wait to try it!!!     I may try to modify it, but using gluten free lasagna noodles.. may be worth trying!       Have any of you tried Kale, and if so what have you done with it.     

Mushroom Kale Lasagna Rolls | Skinnytaste

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Shedding hair,to bad it's not pounds

One of the things that often accompanies thyroid problem is hair loss.    This is something that really bothers me.    I used to have nice thick curly hair, which sometimes  I do have to admit the thickness was annoying.     Although, having my hair thinner is kind of nice, I really hate it that so much of it falls out.      I find hair everywhere, some days more then other's and the longer it gets the more it falls out.     Unfortunately,  thyroid medications don't help because that can be one of the side effects:  hair loss.   TSH level to low, hair loss, TSH level to high, hair loss.   EEEEEEEEEEK!         So,  what's a girl to do, I am tired of feeling like a shedding sheep or dog or cat ha ha.   I really wish weight was that easy to lose.       I have tried some things, but never been consistent enough to know if it actually works, but  for those of you wondering what things may work here is a little bit of information.      

1)  Check your dosage of medication:   I know for me when my dosage was really off, my hair really started falling out more.       I also noticed that I have had less hair loss on Levoxyl vs Synthroid (which due to the recent Levoxyl recall,  I am a little worried about going back on Synthroid)
2)  Evening Primrose Oil :   I have never tried this only because I have had a hard time finding it and there can be side effects as with most things.    
3) Vitamins C and E
4) Biotin ( I did try this for a little while, but I really bad about taking pills so I don't think I saw the full effects)
5)  Ojon  and Aveda have thickening shampoos, again I haven't tried either I have samples of both which I plan to try soon, although I don't know how much benefit I would see from a small sample.
6)   Keeping your hair at a manageable length,  again I have noticed that as my hair gets longer it seems to fall out easier.        Of course my hair is also naturally curly which tends to get a drier a little easier.
7) Fish oil
8) The amino acids: L-lysine and L-arginine can stimulate hair growth.  You can take a supplement, or  by eating foods such as poultry, fish, and legumes
9) coconut oil  , now this I love !!!  You do have to be careful because if you put to much you hair might feel to oil, but just the right amount is great!    It smells good, and maybe it is just me but I do think it does help.  I prefer buying the extra virgin organic it comes in a jar, kind of pricey but hey coconut oil has many uses.       From cooking to skin.. here is a quick list I came across
10)     Rose Water:  I have tried this consistently either because I haven't had a chance to buy some but again it makes your hair smell nice and it has many other benefits.  My hairdresser told me about this one. 

That's about all I can think of right now, if anyone else has any other ideas please share!        I hope this is helpful to all :) 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

FYI: Levoxyl recall!!!!!

 I have been meaning to post about this, but was busy with trying to take a final for my class.   Last week, I found out that Levoxyl (which is another name  brand on levothyroxine sodium)  , was being recalled.     Of course I went into major panic mode.     Synthroid, has a tendency to upset my stomach, and I felt better on Levoxyl.     Unfortunately, when you don't have a thyroid it's not like you can just say.. Oh it's okay I just won't take my medication.        So,   I called my doctor, and they have switched me over to Synthroid, oh Joy!    I just hope it doesn't upset my stomach.       

Anyways, regardless of all that, I just wanted to get this information out to everyone.    If you take Levoxyl, be prepared for them to switch you to either a generic or to Synthroid.      Also, I had some friends ask me questions about Levoxl, because apparently there is some confusion.       So let me see if I can explain this a little bit:

Levothyroxine Sodium is the main ingredient in thyroid medication  it is T4. T4, is what your thyroid naturally produces, so Levothyroxine Sodium is the synthetic form.  When it comes to thyroid medication (in particular if you are hypothyroid)  there are many kinds: there is both the genetic and name brand.  Some of my friends were confused because they take generic and assumed that Levoxyl was generic.   It is not a generic!!!!!!       Name brands  include:   Eltroxin, Euthyrox, Letrox, Levaxin, L-thyroxine, Thyrax, and Thyrax Duotab in Europe; Thyrox in South Asia; Eutirox, Levoxyl, Synthroid, and Tirosint in North and South America, Thyrolar in Bangladesh.

*If it is generic your bottle will typically say: Levothyroxine Sodium substituted for (and it will specifiy which one it's subsitututed for: ex: Synthroid)

So what's the big deal between the brands and generic and b/w the different brands?
Well Levoxyl was know to have less fillers then Synthroid
Synthroid contains lactose, and never stated if there were gluten free.  Levoxyl was lactose and gluten free!   This could be very important for many people!   
I have heard that Triosint which is one of the newer ones, has the least amount of fillers so it may be worth a try if, you have problems with the fillers.

Generic brands I have heard are often not consistent with their dosaging, because different manufacturers produce it, and often the dosage isn't necessairly consistent.  That is one of the selling points of Synthroid, is that they dosage is always consistent since it's the same manufacturer.    

So what do you do, if you are on Levoxyl and that what works?? Well, you just hope and pray that Synthroid will be okay!  Levoxyl may not be back on the shelves until 2014!   My plan is to try the Synthroid again, and if it messes up my stomach, then I will inquire about Triosint.   Sadly, I would rather deal with an upset stomach , then the possibility of going in to a coma or die, due to lack of thyroid hormone.       

Here is the information on the recall, in case anyone hasn't seen this!

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