Sunday, September 28, 2014

28 days of gluten free and more!

As usual things got very busy and I hadn't had a chance to catch up on  my blog.      However, I wanted to give a little update.     I belong to a Hashimotos Thyroid information group on Facebook, it has been very insightful.    Recently, I was informed that my current endocrinologist is no longer going to be taking my insurance, so PANIC  mode set in.    I posted on the board, and someone directed me to a group that is on Facebook that is San Antonio based.   What a blessing it has been, they recommended a group of doctors who are MD's but also believe in functional/holistic medicine.   I was very leery at first, thinking oh here we go it's just another doctor who is going to get all my crazy idea and blow me off.   Wow, was I surprised not only did they listen to me  and ask me how I was feeling they listened to my crazy ideas and took them into consideration.      The doctor basically said if you have Hashimotos that you should avoid gluten regardless if you have Celiac or not.  He also informed that corn is a problem for a lot of people because it is genetically modified, as well as soy.  I was shocked when he mentioned corn,  I knew about soy but corn!!!      He then put me on a modified elimination diet, and suggested I do a "cleanse", which of course invovled buying some protein powder and probiotics from their office but it is stuff I use anyway so for me no big deal.    I am currently and my 6th day of being completely Gluten free as well as eliminating some other stuff.  The first 3 days were pure torture and I was craving all kind of things, things I don't even like (hamburgers with lots of bread).  I am now over the hump and I truely believe that my stomach is starting to settle down.   I have a long way to go, and not sure what will come out of all this but for those of you considering giving up gluten just to see how things go I highly recommend.    I am basically doing something similiar to the autoimmune paleo diet, however  I believe if you google modified elimination diet you will find some information. 

Just an an FYI, after the 28 days I have a list of foods that I am supposed to incorporate every 3 days, and see how I feel.    I have heard some people are able to add everything back in and some people realize that they are sensitive to something and just never new.            Also, my main reason for doing this was because of my last theory :   Since my thyroid was removed and Hashimotos attacks your thryoid, then that is the reason for suddently developing food allergies.  My body has decicded to attack food.         I was also given the recommendation to read a book called:   Hashimoto's Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause by Izabella Wentz , Pharm D.        I just received the book earlier this week, and as soon as I read it   I hope to give everyone an update.   Basically, I was told that this book goes along very well with my current theory, so I am itching to read it.

If any of you are interested in reading it here is the link on amazon.

I will also keep ya'll posted at to how my 28 days of gluten free, corn, dairy, soy, red meat, and "fake" sugar, and nuts  goes.   It's been interesting and I have had to be creative!      Luckily this week, a personal trainer from another gym has offered to prep 5 days worth of meals for me that meet this guidelines.      I am a little excited by also a little nervous!       

If any of you are in the San Antonio area and or seeking a total wellness center then I recommend Vital Wellness Center here is the link:  ( I was lucky and they did take my insurance, but not sure if they take everyone's)

I am also trying to keep up with my exercise so I am currently working out 3-5 days a week from low intensity to high intensity.     I have felt stronger, and I did lose some inches but it's a daily struggle!     Don't give up, if your struggling with this just take it day by day and keep on pushing.       

Finally,  I cam across this recipe on pintrest  I swapped pumpking for sweet potato  they looked really ugly but very tasty!!!

I hope everyone is well!!! 

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