Adventures of Exercise

As we all know exercise is very important In my opinion, it is paticularly important if you are suffering from hypothryoidism. It's tough for a lot of us to get out there whether you have a thyroid or not, but the benfits can be so rewarding.

There are so many different ways to workout and I hope to share some of my workout adventures with you:

I am working on getting this page started so bare with me for now :)

Currently I am participating in a Fitness Bootcamp and because I want to try and do at least 5k's and 10k's around the city I am participating in a half-marathon traning program.     I don't know if I am going to actually do the half-marathon this year because I am still builing myself up, but hey you never know.

Things I have tried and enjoy (I am not a professional this are just things that have worked for me:

1) Wii sport has some fun exercises like bowling, golfing, boxing, tennis (although they aren't very intense they do get you moving)
2)Wii fitness: I love this for the days when I am feeling a little energized but not enough for a intense workout. You can do things from yoga, to stretching, to cardio, and balance (which work on core) to specfic exercises targeting your back and belly.
3)Wii Active
4)Wii Zumba: not as fun as the live class, but good for those days when you can't make it to class or don't have time for a full workout.  It does work a little like a game so you can challenge yourself by trying to make it to different levels. 
5)Biggest Loser for Wii: 
Going to the Gym:
There are all kinds of things to do at the gym.
1)Kickboxing: When you are looking for an intense workout and maybe need to workoff some frustration. This is a must do exercise.
2) Tredmill: I get a little bored on this b/c I would rather run or walk outside but it gets the job done and sometimes it's nice to be in the aircondition :)
3)Zumba: Love this class, if you love to dance and learn new steps this class if for you. Many times I have walked out of that class with a bounce in my step and of course dripping in sweat. It burns a lot of calories and it is just plain fun!!
4)Circuit training: Again for some reason I get bored doing strength training exercises but it helps if I can do it with a group. Not to mention I have been told repeatadly that you can't lose weight doing just cardio you have to incroporate strength training especially if you do have a thyroid or are suffering from hypothyroidism.
5)Water aerobics: At my gym this tends to attract a much older crowd them me but it's refreshing and believe it or not it is an excellent work out. Sometimes I like to do this instead of strength trainig. You can walk out just as sore.


Just plain old walking:
I just recently tried a walking DVD by Leslie Sansone. I wasn't to sure if I would like it but I wanted something that would allow me to get moving on those days when I am just not feeling to well and it's just to hot to be outside. Well it was surprisingly better then I expected. In my opinion there is nothing better then walking outside in nature, but it's nice to have options.  Check it out she has some interesting stuff.

There is a Zumba studio by my house, I love it there. Like I said earlier if you love to dance and learn new steps this if for you. Great calorie burner!!!

Sometimes there is nothing better then a plain old run!!! Start slow and work your way up in milage and intensity. It can be bad on your knees so be mindful of aches and pains and make sure you stretch before and after.Also make sure you get the right kind of running shoes for you, the right kind of socks make a difference too. I like to set little goals and participte in 5k's throughout the year and try to beat my previous time and each race.

Adventures in weight loss

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