Monday, June 25, 2012

Decisions, Decisions??

Well I am back from Spain!!! I hope to be blogging about that soon!   But first things first!!!  I have had work on my mind.  I know of all things to be thinking about work!!!  Seriously, I am supposed to be on summer vacation and all I can think about it work work work.  Not so much the work that I have to do more along the lines of what should I do about work??   I have been considering some options, one of which includes leaving the school system and working in a clinic, I love the idea of working in a clinic, but I am not thrilled with the hours of the clinic.      I love my ability to travel in the summer's and have my time off during the holidays, none of that which I can get if I work in a clinic.      So, I am at a crossroads, do I try out the clinic assuming the job does come available so that I can get new expereinces,  or do I stick with the school setting, and focus on getting into a PhD program which is my ultimate goal?????         I know that if I stay in the schools setting, I will have more "off" time to focus on studying the GRE and apply to different programs.     However, I also know that working in the clinic may give me some experiences amd the chance to work in a different setting, thus hopefully increasing my knowledge, which could also be helpful for applying for a PhD.        Ugh...this is such a random posts, but I just needed to get this out on paper, well in this case cyberpaper :)   I have tried to do a Pro's and Con's chart but it hasn't helped much.      I guess only time will tell!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Ouch I can hardly stand up!

Well this was a great week in terms of working out for me!!!    I am now so sore, that it hurts for me to stand up!  However,  I do believe all my hard work paid off.  I believe I managed to shed about 2 lbs this week.    My cousin is in town from Colorado for the summer, and her and I got on a crazy workout routine.      Here is what our week looked like:

Monday: 5:30 am bootcamp
Tuesday:   went for a bike ride in the neighborhood
Wednesday: 7:00 am bootcamp (this was a tough one but a fun one, there where only for of us that showed up that day, and he had us race against each other at different stations!    I came in 3rd but  I was glad I survived)
Thursday:  went for a walk at 7:00 in the outdoor mall we have
Friday:  5:30 am bootcamp

I am happy to report also that  I did have enough energy to get me through my week!   I am a little low today but I think it's because I basically worked myself out like a crazy person.   My ankle does still act up sometimes, but it is getting better with time.
   In terms of eating I did pretty good, I could have done better!  I did do a great job of having nutritional shakes every morning except one.   So my goal next week is to keep up the workout, but be a little better about nutrition when it comes to lunch and dinner!     I know I need to eat more veggies, and eat leaner overall.     I also want to get a book, and try to eliminate some of the gluten that I eat.     Because I have Hashimotos and even though I don't have a thyroid, I will still have issues with Hashimotos.      So, I have heard some people say that it helps them when they cut out gluten.     Knowing myself I don't know if  I can completly give up gluten, but I am willing to take baby steps and try it just to see if I get any results!      Have any of you tried to reduce your gluten intake??       I have tried to make gluten free cookies, and I thought they tasted good, but my mother didn't like them.        

I hope everyone is doing well!    Happy Friday, and remember that exercise is key!

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