Weightloss Adventures

Weightloss is something that I think many of us struggle with. Paticularly if you have thyroid problems. Weightloss becomes much more challenging.

Currently I am using my fitness pal to track my calories and exercise. So far I have liked the program and like that you can add friends to the program to help motivate you.
My user name is haylo921 if anyone wants to add me and be my friend :)

Weight Watchers: I have done this in past and have had some sucess, I was more sucessful completing this program prior to having my thyroid removed. I have not tried their new program but have heard from lots of friends that their weight loss sems slower since fruits and vegtables are not counted towards their points.


  1. I go to Weight Watchers, and I do think the new program has not been as good for me for weight loss. I had better luck on the old plan. I have fine tuned the new one a bit, and I think the scale is finally starting to move down. I'll know more on Wednesday when I weigh in.

  2. Hi Karen, please keep me posted as to how it works for you. Best of luck on your weig in!!

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Adventures in weight loss

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