Thursday, March 26, 2015

Just a little update :)

Time to get posting again.    I finally finished my 3rd degree, and now I am on to figuring out what to do next.   I am taking a little bit of a break, and plan to look into some PhD programs.  Yes, I am addicted to school, I don't know why but I am.  I guess I figure might as well just continue to learn and learn and learn.   Maybe I am on a path of being over educated, but it never seemed to hurt anyone or did it?

  My last post was in regards to eating gluten free and trying out a new medicine.  Unfortunately, the natural thyroid pill (Armour) for me made my heart race too much.  I did feel like it helped me with losing weight, but I finally decided that I just couldn't tolerate the palpitations.  I am back on synthroid for now.   I do feel that eliminating gluten was very helpful, although recently I have fallen off the wagon and just can't seem to get back in control.   I almost feel like it is an addiction, I know I shouldn't have it but continue to eat it.     I guess it's all just part of being human we fall  and stumble and have to get up and get back to it.     I kind of feel like it's back to square one, but I know I can do this.

I have increased my running again, and been working out pretty consistently for the past several months.  I have grown stronger physically and mentally. I am surprised and how much I have been able to push myself to do.     I have learned so much about my physical and mental strength.  I still have my doubts and still worry that I will be in the middle of a task and just conk out of energy. One things for sure is that I know have something to reflect back on and say , hey if  I can flip a tire and lift heavier weights I can certainly walk or run more than 3 miles.   I do have to say that working out in high intensity has increased my stamina, helped me lose inches, gain confidence, and just made me feel better.     

I do have some goals in mind that I need to get started on:
1) Get back on track with my eating (you can work out all you want but if you aren't eating right than it's contradictory.)
2) Start studying for GRE
3) Look into PhD programs
4) Get back to blogging
5) Figure out how to get my own business going in my field.    

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