Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I tried a Tri !

One of the things I have always done is give myself challenges.   These challenges are stepping stones in proving to myself that even without a Thyroid I can accomplish great things.  One challenge I have always wanted to do was complete a Triathlon  .  In October I did a Tri-relay with some friends.  I stuck to the part of the relay I knew I could handle , the running part.    After completing this relay , I was motivated to take a bigger step so I signed up for a indoor Triathlon.
I know for some this may seem silly , or that since it was indoors that it wasn't a real Triathlon .   For me , it was real and it was an accomplishment.   I swam , I rode a stationary bike and I jogged on the treadmill.    I am not a good swimmer so that part was tough!!!   I discovered I can back float pretty well :)   I was pleased with myself that I completed it and didn't stop.    I got tired but I pushed myself to continue on.   I refuse  to let this disease get the best of me.   Of course , now I have it in my head that I would like to try a beginner outdoor Triathlon,  but that is going to take some time and lots of training .  Not sure I have the stamina for all that but,  it may be worth trying.

I know this post is short , but I am hoping that it motivates you in some way ! It's a tough fight having thyroid issues.   People don't realize how much of a challenge it is living without a thyroid or living with thyroid issues .  They think it's not  a big deal , and that we are being cry babies .  Wrong, they are cry babies!!  We are the survivors!

 I consider thyroid disease a life long Triathlon.  We have to constantly push ourselves,   even sometimes to just get out of bed .  It is a daily struggle.   We have to constantly fight and rise to the challenges we have been given.  One that  note don't give up!!    Rise to the occasion and complete your challenge , take your time and do it day by day .   Take breaks when you need to and go full force when you can.    It's not easy but it can be done.  It's funny to me because everyone always asks how come I have so much energy.  I don't , I take my rest days and when I am active I do my best  to show others that if I can do this, then they can too. 


  1. I was diagnosed at Three months old that I either have a thyroid and it's not functioning or I have none!! There were no tests to seem if I actually had one or not. I have a weight issue now but all through my youth I've been thin. I Soo want to be able to weight 130 ish, right now I am at 188 be and unsatisfied.

    1. I also have gained weight when my entire life I struggled to keep on weight. I just want to get my Thyroid within range so that I will not feel so tired all the time because at this point I am too tired to go to the gym. I feel your frustration. My doctor just increased my meds and hopefully it will be the magic dose we've been trying to find for a year now and I can feel like my normal self with the energy to work out. I also have a sit down job so that doesn't help with the weight either I'm sure. Good luck and you're not alone.

  2. I was also diagnosed with Hypothyrism about a year ago. I've been taking Armour Thyroid and started with 60 mg a day and have been moved up to as of yesterday to 120 mg. This is mÿ 4th time with increasing my dose. My doctor says she increases in small doses as she doesn't want it to be too much. Is this standard? Also, will going of Glutein help? Shy help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Shara

  3. Hello ladies , sorry I hadn't gotten back to either of you . As for going gluten free , from what I have read and been told , yes going off gluten does help . The theory is that gluten mimics thyroid tissue which results in your body attacking it which results in inflammation , tiredness , weigh gain etc. I haven't been off gluten in a while but I am currently in the process of eliminating it again . I just need to get my head thinking straight .!!!!

    Roxanne, have they ever don't an ultrasound? If you have a thyroid it would show up there . Either way I would think they would be able
    To figure something out so that you can get thyroid meds if needed .

    Sharon as for dosages , yes it's typical that they get adjusted and work you up to various dosages . I personally didn't do too well tolerating armour , but I am currently in the process of getting other hormone levels checked and adrenals to see if those are also contributing to weight gain.


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