Thursday, October 14, 2010

Leave my neck alone..

About 10 days after my surgery I went to follow up with my endocrinologist so he could check my TSH level and adjust my dosage of Synthroid.   Slightly before my surgery I decided to switch from the generic levothryoxine to the name brand of Synthroid in hopes of better results.      At the doctors visit the endocrinologist informed that my Parathyroid Hormone (PTH) was very elevated.  I had a PTH level of 271, which is abnormally high.... Here we go again more problems in my neck.  He tells me that I also have a little bit of a vitamin D deficiency but that the PTH level is very concerning and that maybe it's a lab error.    So off I go to  the labs.   
Soon after I go back to my endocrinologist only to find out that my PTH is now at 311, and that I may have a tumor on my parathyroid gland and that I may need surgery... WHAT!!!!!   You just had someone cut into my neck, leave a scar and now you are telling me there is something else wrong..   

So off I went for more test, another doctor, and the fear of having to go to MD Anderson cancer center for more test.   
But wait...  I am not going to let these people cut into my neck without solid evidence.. So my researching adventure began.. and the waiting game began, and the praying began.

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