Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday Adventures!!!

Hello out there!!!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season :)       Usually during the holiday season, I like to bake, relax, shop, and travel.  Last year completing some of these task where difficult for me, I didn't really bake, shop, or travel  because I had my thyroid removed in late September and was still trying to adjust.     This year has been a completely different story  I shopped until I couldn't walk anymore (shopping counts as exercise right?),  I am in the process of baking all kinds of cookies, I am getting ready to leave to San Diego to go watch my beloved Texas Longhorns play in the Holiday bowl, and......     I finally applied to a Ph.D. program.   Applying to a Ph.D. program has been in the back of mind for some time I just hadn't worked up the nerve and of course the thought of possible rejection is never fun.   This year, though I thought, hey why not I am trying to live my life to it's fullest and do things to prove to myself that I can do this even if I am missing a vital part of my body.  So now I am sitting on edge, wondering will I or won't I get in???     Either way, I need to keep reminding myself that what is meant to be is meant to be.       In time I will find out and at least I can say I tried!!         

As for my running adventure, and training for the hot chocolate run I still haven't been able to maintain a consistent running schedule.  The holiday's and getting in my application kind of derailed me.  However, I have been doing a lot of walking with my dogs and of course holiday shopping walking.   I know I need to train more intensely and I hope to get to that soon.   I also hope the weather gets a little better it's been raining, cold, and just yuck to be able to run outside and I don't want to go run on a treadmill, but if I come back from  my San Diego Trip and it's still like this then the treadmill it will be.         

As for my weight loss adventure, my mom and I have been trying to watch what we it as much as we can.  I don't think I have gained weight, but I don't think I have lost weight.  Isn't dieting during the holidays so difficult???  Especially, when you are baking :)         I am proud of my mom and I though for trying to watch our Weight Watchers Points that I think is an goal accomplished in itself!!!    

Well I am off to go shop some more and with that I ask..  Does anyone out there have any plans of actions or adventures  for the holiday season???    

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