Saturday, December 3, 2011

I am a warrior!!!!!

GEEZ ,  I have been so busy with work that I haven't had a chance to update my blog :(    But better late then never.      

Well I did it, I completed the warrior dash and I am officially a warrior!!!!!     It was tough and very challenging,  I did it slow but my goal was to complete it and that is what I did!!!     Now I am not  going to lie, I did have to "cheat"  on a couple of the obstacles but I just didn't have the strength to get myself through certain obstacles, but I made it to the end and for a thyroidless girl like me.. that is a major accomplishment.     I am definitely proud of myself, and  I think I just might try it again next year.  There were some obstacles that where kind of scary, but the volunteers would give us clues and hints and that seemed to help.     One of the first obstacles was a mud pit that I tried to avoid but slipped and fell right into it and of course lost my shoe.  I was able to retrieve my shoe, but after the last obstacle another mud pit  I lost it again, but I guess a true warrior doesn't mind losing a shoe ha ha!     I hope that one day, some of you are inspired to try something like this!!! I am not going to lie, I probably should have trained harder for this, and luckily I had been going to boot camp because if not, I would have been in serious trouble I think.   It is also a mental thing, so if you can convince yourself that you are strong enough, then this is possible.      Here are some pics!!    I don't have pictures of all the obstacles, because it would have been difficult to carry a camera.  Luckily, my dad got some shots of me on some of the obstacles towards the end.

This is me before the race!!!!          My friend and I before the race!!

We had no idea what we where getting into, well we kind of had an idea but not really ha ha!!!

My dad was able to get some pictures of me!!!  The fireman's pole, you had to climb up some barricade type thing and then slide down!! That was kind of fun but scary but it was a steep fall!!  The other one is a rope climb that was high also kind of scary!!

My dad also got a picture of me on the tight rope!! I was nervous about that one, but it turned out to be my favorite obstacle ha ha!!!!  The last obstacle was the mud pit, we had to swim through it, the muddy water was nice and cold and felt good, since here in Texas it was still hot!! I even got sunburn :(

This is me getting out of the mud pit and believe me that was a slippery mess, and this is where I lost my shoe at the end.    This is how I looked when it was all done!!!!     I was a muddy mess!!  Oh, and I hate how the mud sticks to your clothes so much, it makes all your fat show.. but it also has motivated me to get back on track with my eating plan which is a whole other story I will need to blog about soon.

After the race you get hosed down, and they have a pile for you to donate your shoes.  They power wash them, and send them to the needy.  Unfortunately, I was not able to donate my shoes because I lost one, so the other one went in the trash :(   I had taken extra shoes with me because I had planned to donate mine.     

The race took me a little over an hour, which I had kind of expected.  So I was starving, so my parents took me to eat at one my favorite places in Austin!!!  I was so hungry I ate all my food, and even asked for extra "vegetables.  This particular restaurant counts anything that does have meat in it as a vegetable, and you can have all the "vegetables you want!!!!!!!     The portions are huge and best of all it's home cooking type of food!!  It was delicious!!!

I hope that some day, many of you will be inspired to challenge yourselves in way that you never thought you would!!  I also hope, that if you have the opportunity to attempt something like this to go for it, and you too can be a Warrior!!!! 


  1. This looks and sounds like a total blast...might look into it!! Way to go Lady Warrior!!

  2. I say if you can do it, then go for it!!!! Thanks for your encourgement!!!!


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