Friday, January 13, 2012

Couch to 5k running apps review and Color Run

Although I still haven't been able to get in as much running time as I would like, I really need to focus this weekend.     Besides the hot chocolate run, I also signed up for a Color Run that will be taking place in Austin the first weekend in Feb.   Bascially you are required to run with a white shirt and then as you hit each mile marker they toss or spray some kind of color on you and  by the end you end up looking well like a rainbow I guess ha ha.         

I have been able to  try out two apps on my Iphone for the couch the 5k program  one of them is completly free it is called:  C25K free           I downloaded because I thought well hey it's free I will give a try.   Overall it is pretty good.  It gives you a plan for 8 weeks, its for 3x a week and 30 minutes.   It allows you to play your music, and you can run a milage tracker in the background.  It also has a voice that tells you when to walk and jog.   It sounds great and it is, but the problem is, you can't hear the voice that tells you when to run and walk.  There is a beeping sound, but unless you are focused it can be easy to lose track of things.     I guess for free it does it's job.

The other one I tried is called 5k Runner:  This one gives you a free trials but then after week 2 day 1 you have to purchase the rest of the weeks.  I think it's only $1.99.    It's the same kind of program 3x as week for 30 minutes.   It allows you to play music,   I think once you pay it may track your miles but if not it also let you run a milage tracker in the background.     It has a voice and beeps so you know when to run and when to walk, however this one I feel is better.  The voice is louder and it actually interupts the music so you can hear when it is time  to switch.  I just think it allows you to focus more on the environment around you and you don't have to strain to hear the beep or voice, so the run seems less stressful.       I haven't had a chance to buy the upgraded version yet, but I plan to.     

Both of these can be bought through the iTunes store, they had tons of options so I wasn't sure which ones to pick, if any of you have tried any of the others ones let me know.


  1. Love the fun ideas for races you are participating in! Can't wait to see the pictures for this run!! Too fun:-)

  2. Thanks, I try to find fun things to do, so I can motivate myself to exercise ha ha. I will definatly be posting pictures of the color run after it happens.

  3. That's so cool! I tried a program like that. Sort of. But I just don't like to run. :( I do exercise videos at home daily and then call it good. ;)

  4. Oh believe me, I have pulled out the exercise video before and you know some of those video are tougher then we think ;)


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