Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ugh Sprained ankle

Hello everyone!  I hope everyone is doing well!  I haven't had a chance to update my blog but I have had some unfortunate adventures that have kept me from exercising.   A couple weeks ago I participated in a trail run.  I was doing pretty well, and felt good!!  A local Italian restaurant was going to provide us with a nice Italian meal upon finishing so I was trying to run for my pasta.    Until,  a rock jumped out at me and made me fall.    That dumb rock made me fall and twist my ankle.   I debated at first if I should continue but then thought logically that I should probably stop and walk back.  So off I went,  the medic checked it didn't think it was broken.   I ate my pasta and drank my beer,  I mean I didn't sprain my ankle for nothing, I figured at least I should eat my pasta!      The next day I went to the medclinic and sure enough I had a grade  2 sprain.     While I am thankful it was not broken, having a sprained ankle has been no walk in the park.   I haven't been able to exercise,  I am tired of limping and I am tired of the air cast that I have to use.  He told me it should take from 4-6 weeks to heal, I am on week 2.   Of course it didn't stop me from going to Las Vegas for Spring Break but it wasn't as fun had I been able to walk appropriately.        So now I have a little bit of a predicament,  I need to figure out a way to exercise without injuring my foot.  Any ideas anyone???  I have thought about doing crunches, leg lifts, I guess I could do weights for my arms but I just don't feel like I am getting a quality work-out.      Ugh,  if anyone has any ideas of some exercise I can do that won't cause me to put pressure on my ankle please let me know!!!!
Unfortunately I had signed up for a couple of runs that I am not going to be able to do,  one of them is a wine run so I am thinking I may just go for the after party :)


  1. HI Janelle, I couldn't reply to your comment b/c you don't have your email enabled. Here is a link to all my workouts and exercises: There should be plenty in there you can do!

    1. Thanks Jess, also thanks for letting me know about enabling email. I didn't know I needed to do that. I need to figure out how to do that

  2. Aww sorry about that. That would be frustrating! I'm thinking doing weights should be good...upper body of course sitting down if it's too painful standing up... At least you are still working out!

  3. Thanks for the ideas. Actually, this week I was kind of lazy so I didn't exercise like I wanted too but I did learn that I really need to ge on it after visiting my doctor.


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