Sunday, July 29, 2012


Once again,  I have been busy so I hadn't had a chance to post some pictures from Spain.    I finally downloaded the pictures.     Here are some of the pictures from my travels to Spain.     I loved visiting Spain and was lucky enough to get a chance to travel there 2 summers in a row.      Well next year be a 3rd visit???  I hope so,  I hope I also get a chance to go back to Italy some day, as well as France and London! 
Before we got to Spain we had a stop in Boston. It was my mom's Bday so we celebrated by having Crab cakes and Salad!!!! It was yummy!!!

We landed in Madrid, and we to a restaurant we discovered last year across from out Hotel.  El Rincon!!!!   I had a ham and cheese bocadilla!!!  I love those things.  We were very tired but we just had to keep on going!!!    The coffee was very helpful!

My friends' husband told me to go check out the soccer stadium.  El Bernabeu. Spain is very big into soccer this is where the Real Madrid team plays!!         

My dad and I taking a picture with a picture of the  Real Madrid team!!!    I wish it had been the actual players.
 I love the way the street's look at night.  This is at one of the plaza's   

This was the best cannelloni I have ever had in Sevilla Spain!!!!     It was so delicious, I wanted to save it, but of course I had to eat it.

One of the church's in Sevilla Spain.     I love the contrast of colors.
We took a trip to a town called Carmona!! It was very beautiful all the building are white with yellow/gold trim.  I have never been to Greece but I imagine it would look something like this.


This is one of the coins from the city of Carmona.    

 I had a chance to take Flamenco lessons. No this is not a picture of me, but this is one of the many flamceno shows I got to see.  Many places do not allow you to take pictures of the dancers. However, we were able to take pictures at the Museo de Flamenco of the performers.

One of the many beautiful places in Spain. 
 This is in Sevilla Spain, across from the University.   I just love how the eat outside and everything is so relaxed!      Of course if we tried to eat like this in Texas we would probably melt.

These are two of my favorite dishes!  Patatas Aleoli, and Shrimp aleoli.  (I think that was what the shrimp was called).   The potatoes are so not health but I just absolutely love them, which is so odd because I am not a fan of potato salad.  The shrimp was so good,  similar to shrimp scampi the left over butter was good enough to dip your bread in!   

Of course I have many more pictures,   I just shared some of the main ones!      I think if I had to I could live in Spain, despite the very high unemployment rate, the way of life there is just so relaxed.

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  1. Absolutely of the things i regret was not doing much sightseeing while in Barcelona...was too busy sleeping off my partying nights...i was young then. maybe i get a chance to go back again!


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