Monday, August 13, 2012

Change is good!!!

Well I just came back from my trip to Boston,  I hope to get some pictures up here soon!    Now, I am back at home and I am ready for my new adventure.     I had been trying to figure out my plan of action all summer, and instead of listening to mother and going to speak to an advisor at one of the Universities here in San Antonio, I of course waited until the last minute.    So here it goes!!!!   I went to go speak to an academic advisor and found out that I only have 24 hours left to finish a degree in Biology with a neuroscience concentration.   Now I know there isn't a whole lot to do with a degree in Biology, however I am hoping that it will give me an extra boost for when I apply to some other programs.     Of course I came home, told my mother about it and she said you see, if you had talked to them sooner then you could have gotten things done sooner ha ha  :)        Well my mom and I did come up with a plan, I am going to continue working for the school district but drop my employment down to 75%, pick up some home health clients the make up the difference money wise, and then take one class to get myself started.        It is going to be a crazy and hectic semester for me, but I am determined to set my goals and get it done!    Now somewhere between all this I need to figure out how I am going to fit in exercise, and of course eating better.    I have tried all summer to get myself on track in terms of eating and I just can't seem to get it together.   I am happy to say that I did monitor my self today and did a good job with eating healthier and I even went for a walk!!!!!       I hope that know that I have come up with some sort of plan for my career, that now I can try and focus on the other very important thing in my life... My health!!!!!       I have discovered that in terms of exercise that I felt healthiest when I was running and monitoring my food.  Of course I realize this was also before I had my thyroid removed so naturally I would feel healthier with my thyroid then I do without it.         I have also discovered that while I have benefited from boot camp in terms of stamina it just hasn't done for me what running did.   I don't get that feeling of euphoria after boot camp like  I did when I was running, and I am just not getting the same "thinking time" as I did when I was running.    My plan had originally been to do boot camp and go running on my off days, but that just didn't work out b/c boot camp was wearing me out.      Don't get me wrong I think boot camp is an excellent form of exercise, but I think I need to go back to my old routine.    Running, eating better, and giving myself that time of reflections that I so loved when I would run!      So here's to hoping from some changes some new habits, some old habits, and hopefully a new and improved me :)     
How about any of you???  Are you trying anything new as we start the school year??  

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  1. I just can't wait for baby to come so I can start working out again!! I actually miss having a routine!


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