Monday, October 31, 2011

Alumni Band adventure was awesome

This past weekend was Alumni Band Weekend at the University of Texas!!! I had a blast!  We spent the whole day Saturday practicing, but the performance turned out well!!  I was also surprised at how much of the music I remembered!!!   I also can't believe, I foorgot how much physical activity is required when marching up and down a field!!  Man, no wonder why I stayed thin in college !!!    Here are some pictures!!!
This is me with Big Bertha!! Big Bertha is the largest drum in the world!!!   Big Bertha belongs to the University of Texas Longhorn Band, and makes appearances during each half time show!!! 

This is me with Hook 'Em the Mascot and with some friends that where in LHB with me.  We are all piccolo players!

This is me with Bevo!!! Yes we have a live animal that comes to the football games!!  Bevo got his name from one of our many rivals.  Texas A&M apparently a long time ago, some Aggies decided to brand him with 13-0   so the University of Texas changed it to Bevo and the rest is history..

The Longhorn Alumni band is given seats at the top of the stadium, so how do we get up there??? We marched up the ramps!!!  Ten very long ramps!!!   To top it off we played music as we marched up there!!

The Longhorn Band Takes the Field they were awesome as always!!!!!!!!!     

My parents took some pictures from their seats of when the Alumni band came out on the field!!  As soon as I can upload them I will!!!! 


  1. That looks so fun and the Longhorns are too amazing!!

  2. It was a blast!!! I had so much fun and I am so glad I did it!! Now I am motivated to do it again next year.. not to mention I also become motivated to start practicing my instrument more, although I haven't had time to do it. Soon hopefully


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