Monday, October 10, 2011

Time to get my rear in gear !!!!

I am happy to report that I finally did get over my cough.    I did attend bootcamp last thursday and I survived.   Now, if  only I can get myself motivated to go this week.     I started off with a goal of wanting to lose weight and wanting to fit better in my clothes.   Well, I have not reached my goal yet so what my problem ;why don't I want to go to the gym?   I don't know, I have all kinds of excuses I am tired, it's to late, I would rather have a glass of wine then work out.    I guess I am just full of excuses.  But enough is enough,   no more excuses I am not sick with a cold so it's time for me to go to bootcamp or zumba or something.     Wah... I just don't want to.   I just want to stay under the covers and watch a good movie.      I think it's the weather.      All I know is I need to get my rear in gear and get out of this funk....  Oh, I know  I am supposed to go to a friends wedding next weekend, and I have no idea what I am going to wear??  I have some nice new dresses in my closet that I am not sure about how they fit.. So that's it that will be motivation, to aim for losing between 2-5 lbs by next weekend so tha maybe one of those dresses will fit and I don't have to go shoping :)   Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to bootcamp I go!  


  1. oh man..i can relate! it's so hard to get motivated sometimes. does it have anything with being thyroidless? my hubby says i blame everything on the NO-thyroid...what's one more thing. but seriously good luck on the 2-3lbs lose...the wedding is a great motivator!

  2. I really do think it has something to be with being thyroidless!!! People who have thryoids really don't understand. I will admit that sometimes I do blame everything on not having a thyroid, and sometimes think I am being a little dramatic... but you know life without a thyroid just isn't a walk in the park. Thanks, I did go workout yesterday, but not today just felt I needed to rest :)


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