Sunday, October 2, 2011

"You is kind, You is Smart, You is Important!!!"

Hello everyone, 

I hope everyone is doing well!!!!  I just finished reading the help and seeing the movie and boy .. it's funny how a book or a movie can give you a ego boost. I have been feeling a little low in the self-confidence department lately. So my mantra from this week is "  You is kind, You is smart, You is important."   For those of you who have seen the movie The Help or read the book that is one of the quotes that sticks out the most to me.   So I think if I can recite this to myself all week.then I will be on fire!!!!!  I still have a cough, but I am really hoping that I will be able to go to bootcamp at least one day this week.     I am thinking that tomorrow, I will try and at least walk in the neighborhood.     Tuesday, I have a meeting at church, Wednesday is weight watchers day and I am actually really excited about going.   I told my mother about Dr. Oz and his transformation nation, and I think she is gonig to come with me to the weight watchers meeting just to weigh in so she can start the transformation nation challenge!!!     So,  that leaves me with Thursday, and I am hoping by Thursday  I will be done with the cough and I will be able to go to bootcamp!!!!!     I came across a recipe on the Weight Watchers website called Banana-Walnut Steel  Cut Oatmeal. I am hoping that I will be able to make it and try it, and then I will post the recipe.  I have been having this crazy craving for banana bread, so I am hoping this will help.    The thing is, my aunt made some homemade banana bread, and believe me it was delish,but now I have the problem of... I want more ..So... I am going to make this oatmeal and see if it gives me that craving I want without all the added calories of banana bread!   Oh and for those of you, who have been feeling low in the self-confidence area remember  "You is kind, You is Smart, You is important!! 


  1. LOVE the Help...we should all be so lucky to have someone in our lives that love us that much! i still have yet to see the movie!

  2. i am all over the transformation nation...i started my adventure a few months ago! good luck to both you and your mom!

  3. The movie was good, it made me laugh, and cry!!! I loved tha book so much as well!!
    Thanks I am so excited that my mom is going to do the transfomration nation million dollar you!!! I think it will be a great adventure for both of us.


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