Sunday, February 5, 2012

Color Run.. or maybe i should say Color Mudder

Yesterday I participated in a run called the Color Run.   It is basically a 5k, where at each mile they are supposed to throw some kind of color on you so that by the end you look very colorful.      Well,  I was excited about the run and looking forward to doing somthing adventerous.. well I sure did do something adventuerous more adventerous then I had planned for.    Texas weather is so random so of course it decided to rain very hard on Friday night, the event planners sent us an email saying that the run would take place unless there was a flash flood warning.  They warned people that there would be some muddy spots and for those who had planned to take strollers, not to take them.    Austin is a crazy town, so people showed up anyway and man was I in for a suprise.    The run started late because parking was horrible, and by the time I got to run they ran out of color for during the race but they had a crazy color party aftewards.   Actually I was told they didn't run out of color, but that with all the mud they where not able to take more color back and forth to the volunteers as had been planed.  So here are some pictures of what took place!!! 

 This is me before the color run!! The requirement was to wear a white shirt so that the color would show !  

Because Austin is crazy people still showed up Rain or Shine.  They ended up starting us in waves this was the line to start!! 

 The whole course was a muddy mess.  Some of it was like a muddy river and some it was sticky enough to where people got their shoes stuck and lost in the mud!

 Mud, Mud and and more Mud!  Yes those are my shoes!

At the end of the race I was a beautiful color muddy mess!!  I was upset at first at all the mud, but then I realized how much fun I actually had, and the workout of trying to navigate through the mud actually made my workout more intense then I had planned.  So overall despite the craziness it was fun.   

Here is me at the end!!! 
Here is me trying to figure out what in the world I was going to do with my muddy stuff!


  1. Ooh im so glad you did fun!!! Such a fun race!! Can't wait for your next one!!

  2. It was a blast, and even with the unexpected circumstances I have to admit I would do it again :)


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