Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hot Chocolate Run !!!


I wanted to get to this earlier in the week but I added some random adventures during the week that were unexpected, so I had something to do every night last week!        On Monday I took a italian cooking class,  on wednesday I took a golf class, and then I had some other random things that popped like running errands and stuff.    So, finally today I decided to update my Hot Chocolate Running Adventure!!!       

Last weekend was the Hot Chocolate 5k and 15k.  I signed up for the 5k because well I am just trying to get myself back into this running thing.   The Hot Chocolate run, is a run where they provide you with Chocolate goodness, after you run!!!   I am actually not a huge chocoalte person, but I thought this sounded like a fun race.       Of course, since it has been so weird here in Texas with the weather I wasn't sure how appealing hot chocoalte would be after a run.     Well, much to my surprise it was 31 degrees in Dallas, but the winshield made it feel like it was 19 degrees on that saturday.  I actually debated about not running, but my dad who drove me fron San Antonio to Dallas, said "I didn't drive you all the over here for you to chicken out."  So,  I layered on some running clothes and off we went.  Once we got there and I started my run, my body started to warm up and I was absolutley motivated to finish the 5k as fast as I could so that I could have my nice hot Ghirardelli chocolate!!!     Believe me when I say, I don't know how they made the hot chocolate but it was the best I have ever had!!!
Here are some pictures of the event!

  Prior to the race day, they had a packet pick-up/ expo.  The goodie bag came with a cute little jacket that said will run for chocolate, and because I registered with a coupon code I got a hat that said will run for chocolate.  Of course at the expo that also had some Ghirardelli chocolate bars, and some hot chocolate that was so good it was addicting!!

This was the start of the race, it was so cold but obviously people were determined to complete their run and get their chocolate rewards at the end.  Since we aren't used to being so cold her in Texas, the medical doctor that was helping with the race recommended that if you had signed up for the 15k and had a pace of 12 min/mile or slower that you may want to run the 5k because of risk of long term exposure to the cold!!!!!!!    To some it sounds silly, but to those of use who are not used to cold temperatures it's not sillly at all.   

Oh Sweet!!!  It was so cold
they decided to hold the
after party in the exhibit hall.    This is what we got to dip
the Chocolate Fondue in!!!  It was such a treat!!!!

The fondue was so good, and the stuff they gave us to dip just made it even better and worth the cold.  Of course they did give us some yummy hot chocoalte to drink as well!!!

 If you look closely at the picture you can see the fondue fountain!!!   I would defiinitely do this race again!!!


  1. this is awesome...have you heard of beer runs..these are 1milers only but the themed race look like so much fun!

  2. Beer run sounds fun!!! They have something similar here they have a pub run, where you walk or run to different pubs in the downtown area and have drinks and then run to the next pub.. I haven't done one but I want too. The only thin is it's 4 miles. They also have another called the alamo beer run or something like that but it's a 5k. I hope to try one soon!!


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