Wednesday, February 22, 2012

40 days and no fast food!!

Since having my thyroid removed, I have tried to become better about the things I am eating and putting on body, unfortunatly work, and life just get me sidetracked and then I feel guilty, and then I just keep on going into bad habits.    This year, I have to admit that I have taken the lazy track when it comes to bringing my lunch to work.    I think part of the problem is that I am typically shoved into a small little office or closet type space with no windows, so lunch-time is my time to go outside and get some fresh air!!!    Unfortunatly, this has caused me to resort to eating tons of fast food!!  In my mission to get fresh air, I don't pack my lunch and I run somewhere quick so I can see something other then four walls, but eating all this fast food has done nothing but make me gain weight, put bad things into my body, and make me spend more and more money.    
 Typically during lent, I try to do something good vs giving up something.    This year I decided I needed to do something good and give up something.   I decided to give up fast food!!!    Believe me, while this may not some like a sacrafice to a lot of people it is for me, because now I will have to take the time to pack a lunch. and a breakfast, and find another way to get outside during the work day so I don't feel like I am in a cave.   I decided that I can go to a sit down resteraunt and eat, but that I would do my best to find something healthy on the menu, however I am not allowed to go to fast food chains.        Fast food has become my life savor this past months, but in the end it is harming my health and my wallet!!!       This is going to be a challenge for me, but I think it will be a good challenge for me!!!       So here I go on my no fast food adventure!!!!    I am happy about my adventure to try to stop the fast food madness and in the process I hope the end result is a happier healthier me!!


  1. good for you! i have not had any fast food for about ten years ( due to a very bad sulfite allergy). i do not miss it and i have felt much better packing my lunch for work. you can do it if you put your mind to it, believe me!

  2. Thank Bea! You know what funny, is that I haven't missed it either. My cousin and I debated if Subway was considered fast food but we decided it wasn't. Thankfully we decided that because my parents and I drove to Las Vegas, and that was the only "fast food" that I allowed myself to eat. I do feel better, I sprained my ankle so I haven't been able to exercise so unfortuanatly I won't be able to see the true effects of not eating fast food, but I think I have learned a valuable lesson, fast food is just no good.


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