Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Circle of Life.

Well after 12 long years, one of my dogs died yesterday.   She was a great dog, and was so good about warning us of incoming rain.     Ironically, yesterday after she died it rained so hard, that the electricity even went out.    It was as it was her final message to us,  remember me when it rains!    My parents were out of town, on their way home from one of my cousins' graudations.   I had noticed that she had stopped eating, and drinking water.   It seemed like she was wanting to go in the backyard, but I could not let her.  She was very weak, and my other dog is pregnant with puppies so  I couldn't let them be near each other.   Talk about the circle of life!  I am very sad, about my dogs passing, however I am thankful that I have two of her sons.     One of them was very close to her still, as she still treated him like her baby.    I wasn't sure how he would react knowing that his mama was gone, he seemed sad, but it also seemed that he knew it was coming.      It was a rough night for me, but luckily I had some family and friends who kept checking in on me and two of my friends encouraged me to get out of the house until my parents got her so we could put her in a box.       In the end,  though what I have realized is that I am  left with two of her sons, and her grandbabies.    The female dog that is pregnant is going to have puppies from one of her sons!        She will live on in them, and the circle of life will continue.     So on that note,  Conchita I hope you are running around and jumping around in doggie heaven!


  1. Sorry for your loss...And how awesome she left behind some great reminders:-) such a blessing!

  2. sorry i did not see this post sooner, but sorry for your loss. i love my dogs and cat, and it is difficult when you lose a special pet. glad that you have some of her offspring,though, to help you.

  3. Thanks ladies! Geez it has been so long since I have been able to log on here.. I hate when that happens! Hope ya'll are well ;)


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