Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Schools out for Summer and I need to get in control!!!

Geez well I was hoping I would have more time to blog, but the end of this school year has been crazy!      Friday is my official last day of work, and then it will be summer time.   There are so many things I want to do!!!  First off I completely missed the sign-up for half-marathon training,  not sure I want to do the half-marathon again but I need to get to running again.  I think there is still time to sign up, so maybe this weekend I will attempt to do some walking/running.     I must and I mean I absolutely must focus on losing weight and eating better.  I was doing pretty good, but this month has been so crazy that I have been totally off target.  I haven't been counting calories or anything.. bad bad bad.     I bought a new bike and I have ridden it a couple of times, but not like I want to so I hope to do more of that!!!!        Of course,  I must travel over the summer otherwise it just wouldn't be a "true summer" for me, so  I am going to go back to Spain in June, and I am going to Boston in August!!!!  I am so excited I have never been to Boston, and I hear there are so many things to see and do!! 

I think my primary goal for the summer should be to really focus on getting back on track in terms of weight loss,   I feel that I have just let things get out of control, and ever since I sprained my ankle I have become somewhat of a couch potato!!!    My cousin will be coming in from Colorado, so we have plans to exercise, and eat better!!  I can't wait until she gets here because I need someone to be on me about this!!!           No more couch potato for me,  I must and I will not lose sight of my weight loss goal!!       Of course, I do have one little problem,   my thyroid dosage may or may not be enough.  I recently added a medication and I am hoping that it doesn't interfere with my dosage.    So I am hoping that I can at least get some blood work done again before I leave to Spain.         I also hope that since it will be summer time, I will have more time to blog which I truly believe helps me, because even if no one is reading it, I still believe that if  I can post about the activities and food intake I am partaking in then I must be accountable to the blog world!  

I came across this picture on pintrest, and I think it pretty much sums up what I need to do!  Oh and I love that it's a butterfly,   being that I have no thyroid and a thyroid is in the shape of a butterfly. This just really spoke to me!  


  1. Spain sounds sooo exciting!!! I'm sure you are going to have a blast!

  2. Super jealous that you are out of school already!


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