Thursday, August 8, 2013

Where have I been???

Geez isn't that the question!   I have been very busy, lets see where do  I start???     I changed jobs, I was working as a Speech Pathologist in the school system and now am working in the home health setting.   I do enjoy it, but boy is it a lot of driving.      Why the change in jobs, well I have also been going to school to finish up a B.S. degree in Biology with a neuroscience concentration.. ......crazy right???  I am hoping the home health setting will allow me to schedule in my classes, the way I need to so I can finish.   Why am I doing that, because before I got my masters I had started on this degree and found out I only had 24 hours to finish it which is now 15.     My ultimate goal, of course would be to finish the degree, and eventually apply to a PhD program in my field or a related field.    
   So besides school and work, what else have I been doing?? Well I have started to run again, as in I signed up for half marathon training, but I don't know if  I am actually going to do the half marathon.  I am doing the training as more of a get myself into shape thing.      My health, well it's still not where I would like it to be, it's like a domino effect one things falls apart and everything falls apart.      My latest blood work, showed my tsh at a little over 2, my non-hdl cholesterol was 1 point over, and my glucose was 1 pt over, but my A1c level had come down and was normal.  I know it's only one point, but hey  I don't want 1 pt to turn into 10 and then 20, etc,   so I have been focusing on trying to eat better, however this has been a real challenge because of my new job which requires me to eat on the road a lot!!!!   
Let's see what else????   Oh, on Monday I am supposed to go for a colonoscopy and endoscopy, I am nervous about this, but it's time I stop putting if off and actually follow through.     My last appointment with my endo, basically went like this...  I feel better when  I don't eat bread... Endo.." Well don't eat bread and starches it's not good for you anyway."     Then he went on to say that even though my blood work showed that I didn't have a gluten intolerance, that it is very possible that I have a mild intolerance or a sensitivity.   Say What???????  An endocrinologist, actually saying that test don't always tell the truth.. hmmm.   However, in this case I think he may be on to something.    Although, I still have yet to completely cut out gluten from my diet,  I really need to and plan to.  This whole blood sugar thing, and increased diabetes risk due to Hashimotos and lack of thyroid really scares me.      The last thing I need is to be taking more medication, for something I could have tried to prevent.     So I have decided, I need to STOP coming up with excuses, and just cut the junk!!!!     When will this happen, I am hoping right after I get the colonoscopy and endoscopy done, why then because I know it too will scare me out of my socks!!!!!      

Oh and guess what else???   Since I have so much time on my hands between work, school, and my never ending health concerns, I was called to help out on the ACTS retreat at my church.    While part of me wanted to say no,  I know it is for a reason  I am being called, I am not exactly sure what the reason is, but I am sure I will soon find out!    
On a fun note, I did get to travel to Florida!!!  I went through New Orleans, and Bioloxi and spent some time in Pensacola!!!   Wish I could go back and have another vacation!  

Well, that's all for now !  I just wanted to check in and give everyone an update as to why I have been MIA.    However, I have come across lots of interesting stuff and hope to share them very soon, hopefully this weekend since I will be home prepping for the procedure.        


  1. Oh wow definitely been busy and how exciting for your new career path...the title of Dr. Is exciting for sure. Good luck with the appointments!


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