Sunday, August 7, 2011

Counting calories and traveling isn't easy..

Well I have to say I have really enjoyed Colorado,and I have tried to count my calories but I am having a hard time sticking to it. One thing is for sure, I have been drinking a lot and I mean a lot of water!!! It has also been a little hard for me to exercise due to the higher elevation, but I did get to walk yesterday and today just by touring some of the sites. At first, I was hoping I could got back with a weight loss of at least mantain my weight but know I am not so sure. So, I have decided to keep doing my best and when I get back I will get back to a routine. Unfortunately, when I get back I will also be going back work, but I know once I can figure out a workout schedule things will be okay!!!! I refuse to let being on vacation keep me from my long term goals! I hope to upload some pictures soon of some of the sites I have seen! Right now I am blogging from my moms IPAD, so it's a little hard.

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