Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Testing my synthetic energy

I used the pictures of the green light bulb because it a green light bulb, or it uses alternate energy.  Well too use alternate energy, since I don't have a thyroid I use a hormone called Synthroid. Synthroid is a tiny pill I take everyday and this pill is my energy source amongst many other things.  
This week I have started back at work, so since I had the summer of fit was hard for me to say exactly how I was feeling in terms of my synthroid dosage.    So far I think I have been doing pretty good  in terms of my energy.  I mean, I know I have only been working two days, but for me every day counts!!    Unfortunately, yesterday I had a day that started off really well, and then ended very bad, due to some people being mean.    However, I decided that I would take my anger out on boot camp so off I went, this was another challenge for me because I wasn't sure exactly how my energy would be after being at work a full day and then going to go exercise, but I made it through!!!!    So today I am going to try again, I plan to go to boot camp again tonight and then because I think I have a late meeting tomorrow I will give myself a break from working out tomorrow.     I also want to try and squeeze Zumba in sometime this week so maybe on Thursday or Friday.  I think I am off to a good start in terms of my energy, but I still have another hurdle to jump the kids have not started yet so I am curious to see how my energy will be once I start pulling students for therapy.    I have a doctors appointment  coming up as well, so I guess the blood work well reveal where my levels are.

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