Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Road ID's: $1 off

For a while I have been wanting to purchase a Road ID.  In case you are wondering what a Road ID is, it is basically a way to identify yourself when you are out running, or cycling, or walking, going to the gym,or whatever in case of emergency (medical id).     I recently ordered one and was given a coupon code.   It has to be used within the next 30 day's and I think has a limit of being used 20 times.     I personally have been wanting one for safety reasons, sometimes I go walking or running in areas where there aren't many people around.  I usually carry my cell phone but I think I will feel much safer with some kind of portable ID, the way my information is readily available.    They also have a new system where if you pay I think $9.00 yearly; if there is an emergency and someone finds you they can call a specific number and find out health information on you.  The health information you share is inputted by you so you can make it as specific as you want.  If you don't want to pay the $9.00 a month for that program you don't have to it's just an option.  They come in different colors, sizes and styles 
Here is the coupon code:


In case anyone is interesed here is the link


  1. i need to get one of these!! thanks for sharing :)

  2. Sure no problem. I think the coupon code expires September 30th.

  3. Janelle, what is the coupon code for? I mean I know it's for road id, but is it a discount code? My husband and I ride our bikes and have been planning to get road id's and just never have followed through on it yet.

  4. Hey Karen, yes it is for a $1 off. I know it's not much but $1 is $1 ha ha.

  5. When you check out there is a little box that asks if you have a coupon/discount code. Just plug in the code I gave out and you will get $1 off.

  6. Thanks Janelle. So the whole code is like this: ThanksJanelle8170015 I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound stupid, just want to be sure I get it right.


  7. Yup, that's right!!! No worries, you don't sound stupid I totally understand :)


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