Thursday, August 25, 2011

Spreading the Joy!!!

Well I haven't been able to get in as much exercise as I would have liked to this week, but I am so glad that my energy levels have been good enough to get me through my work days. Now that is something to be JOYFUL about.   Last year, by Thursday I was lucky if I was able to make it through the first hour of work!!! So yeah me!!!!!!!    Sadly this week a member of our church community passed away due to Leukemia.  She was such a joyous person and spread joy throughout many people.  She lived life to her fullest and even went on a cruise about 3 weeks ago.      Some friends of mine decided to tag our cars and write JOY on them, so yesterday I got tagged and you know it was so nice to take JOY to work!!!!   We had a prayer meeting yesterday and prayed for her family, so I was unable to attend bootcamp.   Yes, it is very sad that our friend, our sister passed away but seriously I can feel her Joy beaming down on us!!!!   I am going to go to bootcamp today and take JOY with me.    Strangely, today it also rained in San Antonio, Texas which is another thing to be Joyful about.  We have been under a major draught and were actually told today to raise our thermostats to 80, unfortunatly considering that it has been over 100 every day her for like 70+ days being inside with at 80 degree temperature didn't sound very appealing.  So Joyfully, we got rain and it made for a cooler day.     I was also Joyful that, with all the problems I have been having at work, the person that has been giving me a hard time kept to herself today.. now isn't that something to be Joyful about!!!       I hope that some of you out there were able to find something joyful about today!!!  If not, try to find something positive to think about,  maybe your hair looks good today, maybe you ate something really delicious, etc..  One thing is for sure, and something I hope to remember .. try to have a Joyful outlook!!    Was there anything today, this week, or this weekend that you have to be positive or joyful about??

Taking Joy to work!!!

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