Monday, August 1, 2011

Ha.. I survived bootcamp too!!!

 Today was a crazy workout in bootcamp. I survied it though, as a matter of fact I think I punched it in the face, that is of course if it had a face!!!   I completly forgot that he was going to change how we do our circuits.  In the past he would start us at 3 minute intervals, we would spend 3 minutes at each station, then do some kind of  in between workout and then get a break, then we would repeat the whole cycle but tapering down to 2 minutes, then one minute.  Well, this week he is having us start at one minute intervals and then work our way up to the 3 minute intervals.     I was hoping that maybe, just maybe it would be easier,nope I was wrong, it was harder.      As the workout continued,  I started fizziling out.  I wanted to just throw myself on the ground and say I can't take this anymore. Then, when I was about to jump up and yell...  "Hey, remember I don't have a thyroid, I need a break"  I noticed that I wasn't the only one fizziling out; everyone around me was huffing and puffing, and looking like they wanted to pass out.   It was then, that I realized: these people are struggling just like me, except I am stronger then these people because I don't have my energy source like they do, and just like that my non-exsistent thryoid kicked in and I pushed myself to make it through and I did!!!   So take that bootcamp in your face, I didn't let you get the best of me, I am a survivor!!!    

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