Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gettting off track during the weekend

I was thinking today about how it always seems so hard on the weekends to stay on track.   I usually like to think of my weekends as break time, but I think it's causing me a bit of a problem.   I am taking my break time to the extreme. At first it was, only giving myself Saturday's off, but lately it has become a let me just take the whole weekend off.    This morning after jumping on the scale and then immediatly off,  thanks to a weight gain I thought "now how could I have possible gained weight, after  my numerous attempts at exercising and counting calories this week."  Of course this also, caused me to go into a panic.  Then I thought about all the bad things I ate on Saturday and Friday, and how I tend to over do it, so a little light bulb went off and I started thinking that maybe I shouldn't be giving myself so much freedom on the weekends.   I know it is important to take little breaks because we all need them and it helps us from getting bored and frustred, but I think I need to monitor my breaks a little more.  I also noticed how hard it is to come off my break, and it made me realize that maybe what is happening is that even though I am working so hard during the week, whatever calories I have burned off, I have just added them back into my diet when I take my day off.   So, although I don't want to; I think I need a new plan of action.  I don't exactly know what that new plan of actions is so here are some options: 1) I could not give myself a day off and count calories all the time no matter what, 2) give myself a little day off but watch my portions and not just pig out, 3) only give myself one "off" meal on the weekends, but keep the rest of the meals healthy."         I think part of what is hard for me on the weekends is that my weekends usually involve hanging out with friends and family so I never know what exactly I may be eating, but there has to be a way for me to control this a little better.   ANY SUGGESTIONS?????    


  1. How about if you know you're going to be hanging out with friends, then earlier in the day eat real light, or fill up on low cal stuff earlier so that if you do indulge later it's not a diet disaster.

  2. You know what Karen I think your suggestion may be the best one!! Ha Ha, I don't know why I didn't think about that, but I am glad you did and suggested it :)

  3. ooh i am so excited to meet you. i so totally found your blog by accident but i am glad i did. im a thyroidless lady too! i am excited, your the first one i know in the blog following. i just started working out today after two months haitus so i couldn't even share!

  4. Hey there Mrs. Pancakes, wow I am so exited you found me!!!! It's amazing how sometimes things like that happen. It is so nice to meet other thyroidless people, it's a struggle and it seems like "normal" people often can't relate to us so I love meeting new thyroidless people. Congrats on just starting to work out, keep it up!!!


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