Thursday, July 14, 2011

Don't forget to Hydrate!!!!!! Especially when running outside :)

One thing I keep seeing from the running group I am participating in is HYDRATE, HYDRATE, and HYDRATE (any suggestions on how to do this will be appreciated) especially here in Texas. The email we got today from USA/San Antonio fit gave us the following information:
"Hydration needs continue as well, and generally you need to consume 4-8 oz every 15-20 min. Remember, though, that you should "obey your thirst" and not over drink, and likewise don't ignore your thirst."
This is something I always have trouble with because I fear having to use the bathroom on our running route and there is no where to use the bathroom except maybe a bush where there might be a snake. Lately it has been so hot outside that it feel dehydrated just leaving the house for a couple of hours!!! So I have been trying to drink as much water as I can the day before any intense workouts especially if I know it's going to be outside.
The other thing I have tried is using gels, shot blocks, or sport beans when running long distances to keep myself hydrated and those work pretty good you just have to make sure you drink some water after using them. I personally can not use the ones with caffeine they make my stomach upset but some people I know love the ones with caffeine for the extra energy boost. Depending on the distance and where the run is, I will take a fuel belt with a water botter or two it does add some weight but I guess that's better then passing out on the road from dehydration. This are just some of the things I have tried. If anyone out there has any other suggestions please feel free to comment, I am open to suggestions.

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