Tuesday, July 12, 2011

To Hot to Trot??

So what is a girl to do when the outside temperature is hotter then an oven?? Does this mean I get to take a break from exercise?!! I think maybe or maybe not.
Today's running schedule says to do 10x30-30 which means run for 30 seconds run fast and then run for 30 seconds slow 10x. That is of course after warming up. This sounds like a good plan but not in this heat. Just taking a foot outside of any airconditioned building is a warm-up in itself ;) So now I have to age old question of what should I do??? Give myself a break today, maybe go to the track later, try out the new walking DVD that I got, go to the gym and use the treadmill (which I don't like, I get bored on the treadmill), use the Wii?? Yesterday the running schedule said to run for 30 minutes but I didn't do that since I went to bootcamp so now I have another question. Do I do the 30 minute run/walk or do I do the speed work?? I am not really trying to work on speed right now so maybe the 30 minute running/walking would be best?


  1. Hey Janelle! Congrats on your new blog and dedication to health and fitness! Here's my advice from one thyroidless girl to another :)

    There will be days when your energy is lagging and you feel...like crap. Make those days your "easy" exercise (stretching, yoga, pilates)days or your rest days and accept it.

    On the days you feel good, push it a little and don't let yourself off the hook with excuses. The options you listed are great, be active and just do it!

  2. Thanks Sandrelle!!! Also thanks for stoping by, I am still trying to get things up and running ha ha both physically and on this blog but I think it's coming along.

    I was thinking about doing an easy exercise day today but I decided to take a break because I want to go to bootcamp tomorrow so I need to save up all my energy. Thanks for you advice and encouragment!!!


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