Friday, July 29, 2011

Getting motivation from a duck!!

Last night I was feeling a little off after I went to bootcamp.  It's one of those thyroidless things that I can't exactly explain.   Well, because I was feeling off, I started to feel sorry for myself, but then I thought  "I need to find something to motivate myself."  So I started looking up athletes without a thyroid, well not much came up there was some info. on Gail Devers, and Carl Lewis I had read that before but it was nice to see it again.  Olympic champions who have thyroid disorders and have won medals, now that is inspiring, but I still was in search of a person who didn't have a thyroid and was being successful and then ... I found it,  my inspiration!!!!!  I came across a youtube video that said.. No thyroid, no Problem so I clicked it and there it was, exactly what I was looking for.  It was a story about a football player who plays for the Oregon Ducks and had his thyroid removed at the age of 8.     He had thyroid cancer at the age of 8, and of course had his thyroid removed but he did not let that stop him, he continues to play football!!!   Now that in my book is amazing, someone who suffered from disease at such a young age, but continued on his path of determination.      I felt so motivated by him, that this morning I got out of bed and went to bootcamp again.   I just thought if this guy can do this, and he has lived the majority of his life without a thyroid and he is okay, then I will be okay too!!!     Anyone who knows me well knows that I love to watch college football especially the Texas Longhorns, but it looks like I will have to add another team to my game watching schedule, I just have to see this guy play!!!

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