Sunday, July 10, 2011

No new clothes for me. Time to Track!!!!!

After a weekend of trying on different clothes and realizing that not only did I feel like a rolly polly I looked like a rolly polly..  I decided to start tracking calories.. I told myself that I am not allowed to buy new clothes until I lose some weight.     Here is the problem..
1) I don't have a thyroid and it takes me 2-3x the amount of exercise then a "normal" person to lose a lb.
2) I just started a new dosage of synthroid and I hope it's enough to get me through a workout.
3) Counting calories is just not fun for anyone.. 

So my solution:   sign up for and track away track away track away all...

Oh and I don't know how long the not buying clothes until I lose weight adventure will last so far I have done pretty good. 

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