Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Zumba wii

Once again I didn't make it to bootcamp this morning.  This was my own doing though, that's what I get for hanging out with friends and staying out later then I planned.    Ugh, I hate that feeling when you set a goal for yourself and then you go a little off track and feel so guilty!! So, I decided try the Zumba CD I have for the Wii.  It wasn't bad, but I definatly prefer the live class.     I can see how it could be helpful; on those days when I really want to Zumba and dance my time away but just can't make it to a class, but it just isn't as exciting as attending class in person.    It does seem kind of fun because it's kind of like a little game where you challenge yourself so I can see how that would be motivating.  I also liked that you don't have to do a full Zumba class on the wii, you can pick maybe 1 or 2 dances which would be beneficial if you just want to get in some quick exercise.    Eitherway,  itt motivated to try and get to a Zumba class later on tonight, or if I can figure out what time Bootcamp is in the evening I will do that.       Yesterday I didn't exercise, just to take a day off but now I feel like I need to double up on exercise today.  I didn't do much of the Zumba on the Wii so I am trying to figure out where I would burn more calories.  I  do kind of feel like dancing though so maybe Zumba will be a good option :)

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