Monday, July 11, 2011

March 2,3,4.. Bootcamp is for losers

Okay I am not in a military bootcamp, but in late June I decided to start an new adventure.
 Bootcamp Fitness,  yes it's crazy and yes it's tough but  I decided to take on a challenge!!     Boy, did I get myself into a challenge.    Why is this a  challenge for me??   Well, if I am having a bad no thyroid day and my energy levels are low then going to bootcamp is going to take every ounce of energy I have .However, I have been doing pretty good with this new dosage so I am happy to say I have survived my 4th day of bootcamp.       
I have always wanted to see what it was like to particpate in a biggest loser type of workout, well my wish has come true.    Today this psycho trainer (he is actually not psycho, he just comes up with crazy hard workouts)  had us doing all sorts of things from running, to jumping, to lunging, to bear crawling and the list goes on.     But since I love to run, I actually enjoyed today's workout; yes I am a little psycho myself when it comes to running.    
After class was done today, several of us where trying to peel ourselves off the floor and of course saw a reflections of ourselves in the mirror.   After all of us complained about problem area's, I reazlied that bootcamp is for losers, all of us there have something we want to lose. I am pretty sure though that we have all lost our minds  by participating in this :)

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  1. I guess I worked out a little to hard because after my workout I was beat and I am still feeling a little off. Note to self: tone it down a little next time :)


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